Press Release about the cancellation of Developments Related to the Case of SinaDehghan

29 March, 2017


SinaDehghan’s mother has issued a video in which she has given the name of SinaDehghan’s lawyer (Mehdi Shakiba), referred to the process of retrial, and quoted the lawyer saying that he is hopeful that “this case can end in good.”

We and many others share SinaDehghan’s mother’s feelings for her son. We all want that this young man should be released as soon as possible and return to the bosom of his family. We will persevere in its campaign to have the execution order for SinaDehghan revoked and have him released immediately.

The Islamic Republic is the main cause of humiliation, disrespect, and crushing of humaneness and humans in society. Taking a young man’s life in pawn for having criticized religion and the government reflects nothing other than the desperation and weakness of this government—a government that has lived on solely through brutality and ruthlessness.

Wedeclare that the Islamic Republic is answerable for the life and safety of SinaDehghan. Putting Sina’s life and safety I jeopardy would only result in more widespread protests against the Islamic Republic.

International Committee against Capital Punishment

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

Please read more about SinaDehghan here:

For more information contact:

Shiva Mahbobi, spokesperson for Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)


Hasan Salehi, spokesperson for the International Committee against Capital Punishment


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