Support the women in Iran against the brutal Islamic regime!

To political parties, trade unions and human rights organisations around the world

On 13 April, the same day that it fired its missiles and drones towards Israel, Iran’s Islamic Republic also launched its brutal attack on women throughout Iran. The horrific scenes of assaults on women on the streets are shocking. Aided by a climate of war, the regime thinks it can push women back, impose the compulsory hijab and take back the achievements of the ‘Woman Life Freedom’ revolution.

But women are not backing down and are fighting back. Everywhere we see scenes of brave resistance by women against the security forces and hijab patrols. Indeed, an actual war is going on inside Iran: a war between the regime, on one side, and women and the whole society united, on the other. This war is the continuation of the ‘Woman Life Freedom’ revolution; a revolution that inspired the solidarity and admiration of the people of the whole world. That support was both a massive pressure on the Islamic Republic and an important moral boost to the struggle of the women and people in Iran.

We call on you to support the women in Iran against the Islamic regime’s brutal assault. Cities around the world should once again become scenes of rallies and protests in solidarity with the women and people of Iran. The people of Iran are fearlessly standing up to this attack, and your support, in every way that you can, by condemning these attacks, by organising or taking part in meetings and protests and by putting pressure on the governments in the West to condemn the Islamic Republic and boycott it, will be an important contribution to this struggle. 

Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI)

19 April 2024

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